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  Are You Doing This Correctly When You Address Your Putts? by Scott Myers
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Having the putting skills of a professional golfer takes time. Learning the different putting tips to that "perfect" putting stroke can make the beginner feel like an octopus on roller skates. Not only do you have to learn various methods and techniques to putting, but during the stroke you have to keep your mind free and clear of any distracting thoughts.

Your posture can have a major effect on how well you putt, and the way you stand when you address the ball should be your first concern. A stance with your feet shoulder width apart is recommended (slightly narrower or wider is also fine). This keeps your body is a nice sturdy stance to keep from becoming unstable.

You'll want to bend at your hips when you address the ball. This is not, I repeat NOT, the same as bending over (stooping) at your back. Take your shoulders and squeeze then behind you as though you were trying to touch your elbows behind your back. Then bend over the ball. This will prevent you from using your back to bend over. Now you how it feels to bend from your hips.

Now in this position, let your arms hang naturally at your side with a slight bend at your elbows. This is the correct position for your arms when gripping a putter.

OK, now that you have your body in the right position, it's time to do the same for the ball. Having your ball in different positions can affect the way it rolls on the green despite the way you stroke it. A general rule is to position the ball just under your eyes. This allows you to be in a better position to see the line of the putt an make a more square stroke. That takes care of how close the ball need to be.

Now comes how far right or left the ball should be in order for the putter face to strike the ball in the optimal position during the stroke. If you took you puttershaft and put it in the center of your stance at address (equally between both feet). Then simply place the ball in front of the putterface in this position. The ball will usually end up about an inch or so to the left of center (for right-handers) in your stance

Your body and ball are now in the correct positions to make your putting stroke as simple as possible. Practice these golf putting tips until they become second nature and your putting will soon become much easier.
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Break Through Putting Secrets Reveled

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